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# Coffee Machine — Turbo Tea

Coffee Machine -- Turbo Tea

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# Amanita Pantherina — Panther Terror


Once upon a time in the woods of Northern Virginia a cat pulled out her folding Mac Book and surfed Internet for a while until she realized that among a number of Amanita Muscara reports, only few psychonauts had tried Panther caps and many of them were hospitalized in the Clinic of Toxicology. This is why Shamanita The Cat decided to share her experience with Panther.


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# Amatita + Datura == self-destruction mix or why fire and water does not produce firewater

intra-nucleus accumbens (intra-NAc) infusions of GABA(A) receptors agonist (muscimol) and antagonist (bicuculline) by themselves and their interaction with scopolamine on inhibitory avoidance (IA) memory performance.

Once upon a time there was a cat who lived in a small condo in which there was a great number of Amanita‚Äôs caps and Datura Inoxia seeds. That was great and potent stuff, but only when it is alone, because they work in opposite directions, leading to complete mutual destruction. Instead of a super additive trip there is no trip at all, because Amanita contains antidote to Datura and Datura contains antidote to Amanita. However, they charge a person with energy, keeping her up for 3 days and nights. To explain why it happens we need to dive into the swamp of scientific terms? If you are ready — you may continue reading the story of Shamanita The Cat.


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# Datura

Datura, Northern Caucasus

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# Depakote Hibernation

Once upon a time Shamanita The Cat was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and got a prescription to Depakote (Divalproex Sodium). She took one 250 mg pill as prescribed when she was down and depressed. The next day she took another pill.

Depakote is known as a mood stabilizer and kind of depressant. It nailed her down to the ground so deep, so she spent the five following days sleeping up to 20 hours (!) and woke up only to eat something. She did not take the 3rd pill, because she realized that something is wrong. She was lucky than she did not have to go to the office every day. What’s a phucken drug your Depakote she thought.

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# Washington Delirium

time flow

Once upon a time, right before breakfast but after dinner from the night before, before the sun rose up out of the mountains but after it set on the ocean, before Shamanita The Cat opened her eyes for the day but after She’d closed the previous evening following long-lasting tiring euphoria, Jah The God sent her something.


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# Amanita Arizona Euphoria

Once upon a time in the most distant condo in Washington DC, the farthest you can get from the Metro without getting closer again, happened a cat who looked just like Jesus Christ a minute to the apocalypse, and who wouldn’t munch your entheogens, just as you won’t munch her entheogens; she harvests them in the Internet stores and runs off to read Hajduk, Pelevin and Terence McKenna.

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this is a test

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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